word hermit press is big on ambition yet small in operation. to ensure that we can approach our work with professionalism and responsiveness, we require authors to adhere to the following submission guidelines:

    • submissions must be received between october 1 and november 30.
    • submissions must include a cover letter, a brief (2 – 3 paragraph) synopsis and the first thirty pages of the manuscript, all in the body of one e.mail. nothing more.
    • submissions must include the following contact information: author’s name, author’s e.mail address, and author’s telephone number.
    • we do not accept paper submissions.
    • all submissions will receive an automated response indicating receipt. If a submission is outside the stated acceptance time-frame, you will be prompted to submit at the proper time.
    • prior to submission, all manuscripts must be professionally edited. we will know whether your manuscript has been professionally edited. really. we will.
    • submissions must be double spaced.

send your e.mail submissions to submissions@wordhermitpress.com.

notice: by submitting your work to word hermit press, you are verifying that it is your writing, that you have all publishing rights, and that it is previously unpublished work.

thank you for your interest in word hermit press!