ochoco reach

ochoco reach

jim stewart, author

mike’s usual strategy was to gently stir the pot and wait for patterns to emerge, but this case was boiling over from the day willimina showed up at his office. freelance investigator mike ironwood doesn’t hesitate for a moment when a lovely stranger asks him to help her get to the bottom of suspicious happenings on her family cattle ranch. the case is intriguing, and willimina even more so. six days in, the case has turned up two dead bodies, an alphabet soup of secretive federal investigators, and a client who just might be the one. that’s when things get complicated. when a greedy dea agent and his complicated and deadly triggerman kidnap willy, mike enlists help from his brother and sets out to rescue her from a conflicted cartel jefe. the trail leads them deep into mexico, but they come home with dangerous unfinished business. ochoco reach introduces mike ironwood, his special ops brother daniel, and bucket, a catahoula leopard dog who is equally at home herding cattle and pinning bad guys to the floor. together, they are formidable allies who also seem to attract trouble at every turn.

publication date: 1/04/16

price: $16.99

genre: fiction-action/adventure

format: paperback, 6” x 9”; e-book

pages: 296

distribution: ingram book company, aerio, amazon, kindle, barnes & noble, nook, ibook/itunes, kobo

about jim

jim was born in chicago and has memories of living in buffalo, new york, new england, and southern california. finally, he grew up in oregon where he has lived and worked for the last four decades. his working life has been eclectic, with time spent as a musician, truck driver, laborer, mechanic (of both vehicles and musical instruments), house painter, business owner, salesman, and, through it all, a writer and poet. as a songwriter and performer, jim has been featured in the films “dancing on the edge” and “pacific vibrations.” with his longtime musical partner craig abrahamson, he formed bivalve, a lively collaboration that has produced two cds: “unhinged” and “middle ground.” With bassist jaimie keller, the group has morphed into a band called tuna reuben and can be heard sporadically around portland and oregon’s north coast.

As j.r. stewart, jim has published poetry and/or short fiction in the following journals: the alembic, the licking river review, mostly maine, orange willow review, orion magazine, progenitor, rattapallax, the blue hour, and tulane review. he’s also published short pieces in the north-coast times-eagle and the portland guitar society quarterly. jim’s short story “white ravens” was a finalist in a glimmer train open fiction contest.

jim is hard at work seeking representation for his novel “ochoco reach” and writing the sequel, “dead me.” there are more novels and a poetry collection in the queue awaiting their turn to shine.