I Am Number 13 Coming 13 November 2018

Coming 13 November 2018, New York Times best selling author Andra Watkins launches the latest installment in her Nowhere series,

I Am Number 13.

When Emmaline Cagney’s father dies on her graduation day, she foregoes college and heads to Honduras to volunteer with Nicaraguan refugees. It’s 1986. The Sandinista-Contra war rages in the jungles all around her. But when General James Wilkinson reenters her life during a hurricane, can she trust him? Or should she flee?

Because of his unsolved death, Wilkinson is stuck in an in-between world called Nowhere, a place he’s always used for his evil designs. Will he stick to his mission to help the Contras? Or will he ditch his mission to finally possess Emmaline?

As they fight to keep refugees safe and American involvement with the Contras secret from Congress, Em and Wilkinson careen toward a showdown that outstrips space and time, a place where nothing she knew about herself is true. And Em must confront the one person she never wanted to see again: her craven mother. Will Emmaline outwit the two people who peddled her childhood innocence before she runs out of time?

I Am Number Thirteen is the third book in the Nowhere Series, a speculative blend of riveting suspense, forgotten history, and a dash of paranormal fiction. If you like edge-of-your-seat action, compelling characters, and white-knuckle emotion, you’ll love the latest installment in Andra Watkins’ page-turning series.

Hardcover $29.99
Paperback $16.99
Kindle $5.99
Nook $5.99
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Kobo $5.99

andra watkins’ new novel hard to die coming november 1, 2016

word hermit press is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of new york times best selling author andra watkins’ hard to die, the follow-up novel to her debut to live forever: an afterlife journey of meriwether lewis.

9780990859376-front cover A_quarter sizeyou’ve heard the raves about the tony award-winning broadway musical, hamilton. but what happened to ‘dear theodosia,’ the fiery daughter aaron burr serenades? hard to die is an engrossing speculative fiction novel that provides a new take on the uncharted fate of theodosia burr alston, daughter of alexander hamilton’s murderer.

theodosia disappeared at sea in 1813 and her destiny remains a mystery. in hard to die, she reappears 150 years later during the early days of the cold war in new york city. stuck in an in-between, timeless place called “nowhere” – where people whose deaths are unresolved find themselves resurrected under the guidance of a “nowhere” steward – theodosia is presented with an assignment: she must help a living soul navigate a life-changing crossroad. if she fails in her assignment, she will be doomed to a fate worse than death – erased from history’s timeline, forgotten forever.

a pioneer of the emerging speculative fiction genre, hard to die combines elements of history, the paranormal, and suspense to breathe fresh air into the story of theodosia burr alston.

smith publicity goes to work for andra watkins’ upcoming novel hard to die

word hermit press is excited to have the expertise of smith publicity to help promote the rollout of andra watkins’ thrilling new book hard to die. to be published november 1, 2016, hard to die is an engrossing speculative fiction novel that provides a new take on the uncharted fate of theodosia burr alston, daughter of alexander hamilton’s murderer, and subject of the song “dear theodosia” in the hit broadway musical hamilton.

9780990859376-front cover A_quarter size

whp sells foreign print rights for not without my father

9780990859307_NWMF_coverword hermit press is in final negotiations for its first international title. not without my father will appear in south korea in 2016 with an initial print run of 3,000 copies. we are very excited about this development and hope to work with more international teams to further our authors’ work.